We GUARANTEE Discounts

Unlike most wedding planners, we GUARANTEE that you will be saving money on your total wedding cost. Lets look at the example below;


A bride books our "Gold Package" which costs 10% of your wedding Budget. Your wedding budget is $40,000 including your honey moon. This means that we will take $4,000 of your wedding budget. BUT, we will make sure that you save money on your honeymoon and wedding vendors. By booking your honeymoon with a flight and hotel package and the fact that we are Expedia VIP Members, You will receive a nice travel discount. Also, we will negotiate pricing with all of your vendors such as DJ, Video, Photo, Florist and more. That $4,000 that you give us, is really not $4,000!


We are your bitch! We will do what ever you need and be there for you when ever you need us to be! We don't just book your events and vendors but we book them, negotiate the prices, work one on one with you and your brides mates, handle your honeymoon, find your perfect limo and more! We are not just a wedding planner but we are your total wedding package!

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